start menu

If you are new to Windows 10 and have no idea where the start button is located, then this article will help you find – the Start button in Windows 10. It is a tiny button which shows the Windows logo located towards the left-hand corner of your Taskbar. Click – Start button in Windows 10, and it will appear on your Start screen.

  • When you right-click on the Start button, you will see the popup menu with shortcuts to different features, control panels and windows on your system.
  • To open the items from the popup menu, you can click on that respective command stated in that popup menu. You will get a secure shortcut in the list which is “Shut down/sign out” management. 
  • When you hover over the mouse pointer on that particular command, you can view the options which are there to shut down/sign out of the PC, and it is the side menu which will appear.
  • Now select the command you wish to run on the side menu to sign out of the system or account quickly.

The Start Button in your Windows 10

  • The Start button can be described as a tiny button that portrays the Windows logo to the left side of Taskbar in your Windows 10.
  • To get your Start menu/Start screen in Windows 10, click on the Start button.
  • To get the popup menu with shortcuts to different features and control panels on your computer, right-click on – Start button.

Search Box

You can see the search box located on the Taskbar which helps you find within documents/files you have on your system or the web for something you have browsed for. Initially, the search results are displayed on the Start Menu itself.