Screen resolution is undoubtedly an integral part to check out for a while purchasing a computer. The reason is that screen resolution contributes to the display of videos, images, and text on the screen with clarity. Usually, the higher is your screen resolution, the brighter the pictures and text would appear on the screen.

The article will teach you how to change the screen resolution 

Changing screen resolution with the help of Windows Settings

This is a common and simple way to change the Resolution of the screen in Windows 10. Here are the steps to be followed

  • Navigate to – Windows Settings by pressing (Windows key + I) –System–Display
screen resolution
  • Now you can view the present screen size below – Resolution
  • The dropbox for Resolution will display the supported resolutions. Now select the Resolution that you wish to. Also, Windows will suggest you the screen resolution that suits your monitor compatibility & refresh rate. They are preset sizes that cannot be altered/customized.
change resolution
  • Once you select the preferred Resolution, press the button – Apply. You will get 15 seconds from Windows to check the new Resolution. In case any problem occurs in between, it is to resume within the time of 15-second. It can be done by clicking the button – Revert. Else you can press the button – Keep Changes. Now, the fresh new Resolution will come into effect permanently.
change screen resolution

Apart from the above method, which is a default method to change the screen, you can also use third-party software that can help you improve the screen resolution. Though there is no other in-built method to change the screen resolution on your PC, you can use the above process if you do not wish to use third-party software.