screen orientation

Windows 10 allows you to flip the screen quickly. You can change the screen orientation and flip it upside down too.

You can change the screen orientation in Windows 10 using different ways. It will help you rotate your screen in portrait, flipped, landscape mode. Let us learn how to do it in different ways.

Change orientation through Settings

  • Open -Settings
  • Click – System
screen orientation 1
  • Click – Display 
screen orientation 2

Select the screen you wish to rotate below the section – “Rearrange your displays.” 

Underneath the article – “Scale and layout” section, try to utilize the drop-down menu of – Display orientation to choose a direction you prefer from-

screen orientation 3
  • Landscape
  • Landscape (flipped
  • Portrait
  • Portrait (flipped)
  • Now rotate your monitor as required to the chosen orientation 
  • Click the button- Keep Changes

After you are done with the above steps, you can see your display changed to the chosen orientation.

Change screen orientation with the help of keyboard shortcut

  • In case your laptop, PC or tablet is compatible you can also make use of keyboard shortcuts for rotating the Windows 10 screen 
  • Ctrl + Alt + up arrow – allows rotating tolandscape mode.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow – allows rotating your screen simply upside down
  • Ctrl + Alt + right arrow – screen gets rotated 90 degrees(right)
  • Ctrl + Alt + left arrow – screen gets rotated 90 degrees (left) 
  • You can press Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow to get back to the standard orientation 

Change screen orientation with graphics control panel

It doesn’t matter what brand of graphics card you are using; every vendor gives you control panel software so that you can manage different elements of video settings and an option for rotating screens 

If you are using NVIDIA Control Panel, you can follow the steps mentioned below

screen orientation 4
  • Open – Control Panel
  • Next, click – Hardware and Sound
  • Click – NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Below the section – “Display”, click – Rotate display
  • Choose the display if it is applicable 
  • Pick the orientation 
  • Click on – Apply
  • Rotate your monitor as required to the preferred and chosen orientation 
screen orientation 5

Upon completing the steps, your screen will change to the orientation selected.