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The default search engine that comes with Microsoft’s new Edge browser is Bing. Do not worry if you want to change this default search engine to Google or any other search engine you prefer.

Microsoft Edge provides an easy option to change its default search engine to a different search engine of your choice. 

Microsoft’s new Edge browser available for Windows 10 comes with amazing features like Cortana etc. If you have been used to using Google for your searches, then you can replace Bing with Google as the default search engine on the Microsoft Edge browser by following easy steps mentioned in this article.

  • Open – Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Head to settings, which can be done by clicking the three dots present on the top right.
google default
  • Now, scroll down and then press the box – Advanced Settings box.
  • Next, click the dropdown arrow positioned at the end of the field – “Search the address bar with”. Scrolling down a little can help you find it
Google default 1
  • Choose – Add New 
  • Now, choose your preferred search engine from the list of options available. You can see apps displayed by Edge like Twitter in the system, and you can use that too as your local search engine 
  • Here we are picking – Google.
Google default 2

Click – Make Default, so set your selection as your default search engine. Once you press – Add button, Microsoft Edge will add your choice to the dropdown list of different options You will find the boxes been grayed out till you choose a search option 

That’s it, and you are all set to use your favorite search engine Google. So, next time you try to type keywords in the address bar to search for information, Edge will utilize your selected search engine Google.