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If you are new to Microsoft Edge and want to know how to clear your browsing history, then the article will help you do it in simple steps. To delete your browsing history, you need to see the place where the data is stored in the Edge browser.

Like any other browser, Microsoft stores the browsing data which comprise of

  • Passwords
  • Data filled in different forms
  • Sites visited

Follow the steps given below to delete your browsing history in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Towards top right corner, click on the three horizontal dots. It will open the menu.
delete browsing 1
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the menu to find the option Settings > Privacy and services.
  • Below Clear browsing data, click on – Choose what to clear.
delete browsing 2

From the drop-down menu- Time range, you can select the specific time for which you wish to clear the data for example 

  • Last hour
  • 24 hours
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 4 weeks
  • All-time

Now select the type of data you wish to remove like browsing history, cookies or keep the passwords and data for filling forms, etc.

Choose – Clear now

delete browsing 3

The browsing data that you can delete in Microsoft edge

  • Browsing history:- You can remove the site URLs visited along with the date & time.
  • Download history:- You can delete the list of files downloaded through the web. It only erases the list and not the original data downloaded.
  • Cookies & other data:- You can erase the information from different sites saved on your device to recollect your choices. For example, your sign in details, media license, and location.
  • Cached images & files:- Lets you erase the copy of images, pages or other media content saved on your device. 
  • Passwords:- Erases the passwords you have saved for different sites
  • Auto-fill form details:- Erases the details which is entered in forms, shipping address, credit card, email, etc.
  • Site permissions:- View the list of permissions for each website.
  • Hosted application data:- Erases the details the web apps save on the device.