windows bluetooth

If you are facing problems while connecting to a Bluetooth device, you can try the steps given below to solve the issue.

Check Bluetooth device

Check if your device is ON and is charged/ has new batteries and also in a range of your computer you wish to connect to

Now follow these steps

  • Turn your Bluetooth device – OFF and wait for a couple of seconds and then turn it ON again 
  • Check to ensure the Bluetooth device is within the range. In case your Bluetooth device is slow, make sure it is not placed near any USB device, which is plugged into any USB 3.0 port. Uncovered USB devices may intervene with the Bluetooth connections.

Check Your Computer

  • You need to check your computer that you are trying to connect.
  • The airplane mode should be OFF. Then select the button- Start and then select – Settings—Network & Internet–Airplane mode. Below – Airplane mode, ensure that the toggle switch is turned OFF.
  • Try to turn ON & OFF Bluetooth. Now, select – Start and then Settings—DevicesBluetooth & other devices.
  • Next, turn the Bluetooth OFF and wait for a couple of seconds and then turn it ON.
fix bluetooth
  • Detach the Bluetooth device, now add it back and then select – Start and now select Settings—Devices—Bluetooth & other- devices.
Bluetooth problems

Next, underneath – Bluetooth, you have to choose the device you are facing issues connecting to and then select – Remove deviceand later – Yes. 

Check product details

In case you are trying to establish the connection for a new device and face the Bluetooth missing issue, then make sure you check product specifications to ensure the device has – Bluetooth features as specific devices do not come with Bluetooth.